Cybersecurity: Here’s Why You Should Defend Yourself

Cybersecurity: Here’s Why You Should Defend Yourself

Cybersecurity is one of companies’ top priorities. Defending your network from external attacks is an investment that should be made as soon as possible to avoid dramatic consequences for your business’s security. In India, we are still behind, but a quick cultural change is necessary to avoid being caught unprepared.   

New Technologies: The Side Effects

Companies are in a period of significant change. The imminent advent of the Internet of Things is one of the main drivers of this turning point. However, if, on the one hand, this new technology and the consequent new concept of business will bring enormous benefits in terms of interconnection, on the other hand, it will be necessary to succeed in defending themselves from the latest threats. 

Attacks on the company network or individual objects (IoT things) could send the entire network into a tailspin and, even more seriously, put the company’s data at risk. However, the first change to be made before any form of investment is to bring awareness to all levels of the organization about the importance of CyberSecurity and to realize that no one can feel safe from this type of threat. 

The first change to be made, however, before any form of investment is to raise awareness of the importance of Cybersecurity at all levels of the organization and realize that no one can feel safe from this type of threat, regardless of its business or the industrial sector in which it operates.

0% Of The World’s Companies Are At Risk

The numbers regarding the degree of protection of global companies in the face of cyber threats to networks and data are not particularly encouraging. A study conducted by Accenture has shown that only 30% of the global companies considered are currently able to adequately defend themselves from this type of threat, which implies that 70% would be in extreme difficulty when faced with an attack. 

It may seem like an excessively alarmist statement, but the healthcare sector receives an average of 700 thousand attacks per minute. This is an enormous and disturbing frequency if you consider that susceptible data is handled and stored in this sector. Furthermore, to make the scenario even darker, there is another fact: only a third of companies today can keep threats to the most essential elements of their business under control. 

Compared to the highly growing trend of cyberattacks, a meager figure will necessarily have to be affected by solid growth, which will require equally substantial investments. In particular, the Accenture Security study states that between now and 2030,  as much as 90 trillion dollars will be invested in cybersecurity activities worldwide.

Cybersecurity: India Behind

If the global scenario is worrying, the India one is no different. Our country ranks eleventh in terms of Cybersecurity capabilities, with an index of 29%. The United Kingdom and France lead this ranking with 44%, while Spain is last (in the fifteen nations examined).  There is also a substantial variety in each industrial sector’s preparation level. The communications branch, for example, is the most virtuous, followed by the banking and high-tech sectors. On the contrary, the biological sciences, energy, and industrial equipment sectors are the furthest behind. 

How To Defend Yourself

Of course, the side effects should not lead us to think that investing in innovation, the Internet of Things, or making entrepreneurial activities more connected is counterproductive. On the contrary, the potential of the Internet of Things is enormous, as are the advantages and benefits it will bring those who manage to take this epochal step. Threats exist, of course, but there are solutions and the best ways to defend yourself equally. 

It has already been said that the first step is to equip ourselves with a corporate culture dedicated to information and cyber security. This must be followed by a phase of precise identification of the most critical company assets and, above all, most exposed to cyberattacks. We then need to understand where our company stands regarding security by subjecting the assets above to stress tests, i.e., seeing to what extent they resist attempts to access our network from the outside. 

It is from that point on that it will be necessary to increase its protection by equipping itself with technologies such as industrial firewalls, management software, and analytics software to always keep track of the activities of our network and attempts to destabilize its work coming from outside. Furthermore, the new corporate culture must bring the concept that one euro saved in innovation and increased security can mean hundreds of thousands of euros of losses due to attacks suffered. That is, to make all company levels understand the priority of Cybersecurity.

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