Recruitment Market: 2024 Trends

Recruitment Market: 2024 Trends

After 2022 and 2023, which were heavily impacted by the health crisis, the recruitment market must adapt to new requirements. From the candidates, first of all, who no longer necessarily aspire to the same desires as before the crisis. But recruitment processes have also evolved. So, what are the trends for human resources in 2024? How is the recruitment market reacting? How to recruit in 2024?

HR Job Market: What Are The After-Effects Of The Health Crisis?

The recruitment market has experienced upheaval after the health crisis. The confinements have profoundly changed the desires of job seekers. Furthermore, the way of recruiting has had to adapt between travel restrictions and sectors entirely at a standstill.

New Requirements For Candidates

Do you know about the “Great Reshuffle,” this wave of resignations that is hitting the American job market hard? More than 4 million employees left their jobs in the United States between the start of the health crisis and November 2023. Their wish is to work in a more fulfilling and flexible professional environment. Fortunately, this trend has not generally been followed in France, even if specific sectors have had difficulty recruiting in recent months.

The post-Covid period is an opportunity for many candidates to demand new ways of working. These demands coincide with the arrival of millennials, a generation that is more mobile and individualistic in career management. Specific values ​​are gaining depth: there is no longer any question of working to earn money. Give meaning to your work, maintain a balance between professional and personal life, etc. These requirements are as necessary as remuneration.

Recruitment Market: Sectors Under Pressure

Many employees took advantage of the health crisis to retrain. Sectors that were completely closed for several months have particularly suffered. Catering, events, construction, and tourism are sectors that are currently under pressure. The lack of remuneration, prospects for advancement, and stability acted as a trigger for thousands of workers. The observation is similar in the health sector, even if there has been a shortage of personnel for many years.

Trends For The Recruitment Market In 2024

Companies’ human resources must innovate in order to meet the new expectations of future employees. Specific objectives and strategies focused solely on profit must be reconsidered. Otherwise, the company will lose competitiveness.

Evolution Of The Job Market For HR: Life Balance

Already in vogue in 2023, the trend is confirmed for 2024. Candidates are looking for a job that allows them to combine professional and personal life. The development of teleworking has a lot to do with it. To remain competitive, companies must offer a more flexible schedule, which provides days in person and others for teleworking. Other avenues to explore the 4-day week or flexible schedules (start later or finish earlier).

Increase Salaries

Waves of professional retraining have devastated specific sectors, such as catering or health. Many professionals need to be more staffed and applied. They decided to increase salaries and set up employee savings systems, bonuses, etc. The trend is expected to become even more pronounced in 2024.

Offer Training To Recruit Better

Candidates’ desires are changing, as is the world of work: digitalization of businesses, development of artificial intelligence, etc. Regardless of the sector of activity, employees must refine their skills and acquire new ones. In addition, employees favor training related to well-being and empathy at work. Companies must more easily offer personalized training to their future employees—a way to improve employee skills but also to increase productivity.

Employer Brand: A Must For The Recruitment Market

Already essential before the health crisis, the employer brand has even more weight today. More demanding candidates are scrutinizing the employer brand even more… and so are employees. Those who already have an employer brand must continue to work on it every day. As for those who don’t yet have one, they should get started now!

Focus Recruitment On Soft Skills

The CV-based recruiting process is becoming obsolete for many companies. Today, it’s time for soft skills and hard skills. In a changing world of work, the ability to adapt and autonomy are becoming more critical assets than diplomas and experience. Recruitment based on the personality of candidates makes it possible to avoid hiring profiles that are too similar. This has the effect of diversifying internal skills and turning to more atypical candidates.

Automation Of Recruitment Processes

Digitalization has exploded with the advent of teleworking. Recruitment processes are no exception. Applications, interviews, and tests are increasingly taking place remotely. Specific tasks still need to be automated in order to save time and respond more quickly to needs. The development of artificial intelligence in human resources also makes it possible to identify missing skills better and to link training to company objectives. Data collection today helps HR managers make strategic decisions.

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