The 13 Best Cooking Recipe Apps On iPhone

The 13 Best Cooking Recipe Apps On iPhone

Cooking Recipe Apps Introduction

Today, we offer you an update of the file dedicated to delicacies and cooking recipe apps. Because for cooking to be successful, you sometimes need… a little help! And since you’re on, there’s no question about going through old cookbooks. It’s, in fact, with your most faithful companion that we’ll get cooking! Grab your pots and pans; here’s a selection of excellent cooking recipe apps.

Generalists: Cooking Recipe Apps


In Cuisine, no less than 45,000 recipes are included. Classified into 13 categories, finding the recipe you need will be easy. In addition, it is also possible to search for recipes by theme, by difficulty, or even based on ingredients that are already cool in your refrigerator. Once you have found what you are looking for, a simple click will allow you to find the recipe quickly in the “My Notebook” section. 

Once again, the recipes are easily made; as Internet users suggest, some preparation advice is often found there. You can likewise leave your perspective or counsel on the recipe. A little extra: when you open the application, a daily menu is offered with a starter, main course, and dessert, which is excellent for finding inspiration. The application is free; in return, an advertising banner is placed at the bottom of the screen, so it is not annoying.


The essential cooking recipe site also has an iPhone application. In this application, more than 68,000 recipes are offered. To help you find your way around, a search function is provided by title or ingredient; depending on the cost or difficulty, it’s up to you to choose. Specific tasks like favorites and the shopping list require creating an account… Too bad. 

The recipes are correctly explained and commented on by Internet users. You can often find good advice there. On the other hand, what is sometimes annoying is that some recipes need to provide a photo. I don’t know about you, but I like to see what what I’m about to cook will taste like.

Kitchen Stories

Here is another highly-rated app on the App Store (4.5 stars out of 5). It is indeed rather well done, with detailed recipes in photos and videos arranged by theme (pasta, 20 minutes, vegan, etc.). Kitchen Stories even offers tutorials to help you understand specific tips and tricks from the professional world of cooking. A function allows you to remember your favorite recipes, while the app also includes a measurement converter. It is practical and well-made!


Having become a reference in the field, Youmiam, in summary, is recipes for everyone: beginners, vegetarians, connoisseurs, etc., a search function to find recipes according to what is left in the fridge, an app on the Apple Watch, new recipes added every day by the large active community, personalized recommendations according to tastes and thematic selections of recipes to find good ideas when inspiration is lacking. Yummy, a must-have of the genre.


Another site well known to web cooks, 750g, is on iPhone. In terms of the app and the design, it’s minimum service. Tabs allow you to search, consult your bookmarks, or find a random recipe. As for the recipe, everything is there. Numerous choices and detailed recipes punctuated with tips and photos will help you find what you will cook. User reviews and ratings can also help you make your choice. In conclusion, it is an app without frills that fulfills its objective: to offer cooking recipes, and there are still over 80,000 of them!

But Also

There are many recipe apps on iPhones. It is only possible to test some of them. On the other hand, I offer you my selection, those I use most regularly because I am a geek who cooks…

The Specials: Cooking Recipe Apps

Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is a magnificent app that offers a series of recipes based on vegetables and starchy foods, numerous, illustrated, with detailed steps. The images are superb, and the countless recipes should delight vegetarians and those who enjoy seeds, vegetables, and other berries.


An application described here in detail allows food photography aficionados to access practical tools to easily and quickly improve their prints. To make food photos even more beautiful than in real life, the app offers several filters designed to highlight the dishes. Family classifies these filters; for example, some are preferable with fruits and others suitable for red meat, etc. An essential for any paparazzi on the plate.

Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper, formerly OrganizEat, is free and allows you to enter your recipes by taking photos of them. So, like a virtual notebook, the app will enable you to find all the good ideas and good cooking recipes picked up here and there in one place, particularly in your grandmother’s recipe book.


Today’s latest app is not a cookbook as such. The aptly named Paprika is the cookbook you’ve been looking for for years. Available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, Paprika is as helpful in searching for a recipe on the web as it is for organizing your shopping list. Practical and easy to use, managing your recipes becomes an absolute pleasure!

Conclusion: Cooking Recipe Apps

All that remains is for me to wish you a bon appetit!!! And finally, let us remember that this type of file cannot be exhaustive. You will inevitably have other Cooking Recipe Apps to recommend because you appreciate them and use them daily. Do not hesitate to do so via the comments by indicating their strengths and your preferences!

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