Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay: Comparison

Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay: Comparison

The battle between Apple and Google appears in several areas, including the automobile sector. The two giants have thus developed infotainment systems that are in direct competition with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. Which of the two systems is better? Answer in this comparison.

Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay: What They Have In Common

Before discussing the differences between these two infotainment systems in more detail, it is first necessary to highlight their common points. They are starting with their objective, which remains the same: the reproduction of the interface of a Smartphone on the onboard computer. These technologies make driving easier while allowing the driver to access all kinds of multimedia content. And all this without touching your phone for a single second. 

Whether with Android Auto or Apple Carplay, you can benefit from numerous applications such as navigation, communication, or entertainment. For obvious reasons, video streaming apps are not supported. It should be noted that both systems allow the use of voice commands (Google Assistant and Siri). To this end, the majority of requests can be made by voice, which is very practical for the driver.

To use Android Auto and Apple Carplay, you must have a vehicle and a compatible phone. Then, connect the phone to a screen via a USB cable or Bluetooth, and that’s it. But if you want to avoid unexpected disconnections, it makes more sense to rely on a wired connection. Whether you choose Android Auto or Apple Carplay, be aware that both tend to consume a significant amount of data. 

As a result, users who use one of these platforms on a daily basis have no other choice than to subscribe to a suitable mobile plan. In other words, the package in question must necessarily include quite a few gigabytes. And, of course, all of this comes at a cost—The last point in common is that Android Auto and Apple Carplay both recover personal data about their users. So you have been warned.

What Are The Main Differences?

That’s it for the expected points; now it’s time to talk about what differentiates the two platforms. Aside from the operating system, there are indeed quite a few points of differentiation:

The Number Of Compatible Vehicles

Although both systems are compatible with a significant number of vehicles, Android Audio still has a small head start over Apple Carplay. Regardless, there is no doubt that Google and Apple will ensure that the number of vehicles compatible with their system increases from year to year.

The Aesthetic

With Apple Carplay and Android Auto, we quickly find the aesthetic differences that have always existed between iOS and Android. Thus, the icons, as well as the texts on Apple Carplay, benefit from a certain refinement and more details. The case of Android Auto is massive and straightforward.


When traveling, navigation is helpful to ensure you are in the right direction. Unsurprisingly, Apple Carplay uses Apple Maps while its competitor relies on Google Maps. However, with Apple Carplay, drivers can also use Google Maps if they wish. On the other hand, Apple Maps is not available on Android Auto. If you favor Apple Carplay and choose Google Maps instead of Apple Maps, the touchscreen may take some time to respond while Google Maps is running. 

It is also possible that you will only have access to limited information compared to Android Auto. It should also be noted that in the event of incoming calls, navigation may be interrupted on Carplay. After the call, the driver is then forced to return to the home screen and restart navigation. Indeed, the calls are presented in the form of a banner and take up very little space.

The Application Catalog

By opting for Android Auto, the user benefits from a more extensive catalog of applications. Indeed, Apple Carplay offers a certain number of applications, but in this area, it is not really up to its opponent. For example, you will find a few instant messaging apps on Apple Carplay. Finally, the applications on Android Auto are more recent. 

Ability To Create An Application

If you have the required skills, it is possible to create an app for Apple Carplay or Android Auto. But to do this, you will need special permission from Google or Apple. Please note, however, that you must comply with particular guidelines. The two American giants are very demanding.

The Fluidity Of The Interface

The interface offered by Android Auto is quite similar to that of an Android phone. Drivers are, therefore, entitled to vertical scrolling. For their part, Apple Carplay users will be able to understand since the home screen resembles that of an iPhone. Horizontal scrolling is required.

In terms of fluidity, the Apple Carplay interface is more interesting. Furthermore, the system is both simple and intuitive. Regarding Android Auto, occasional frame drops can sometimes occur while scrolling. 

Personalization Options

In terms of personalization, the two infotainment systems offer options allowing you to make your dashboard unique. However, the possibilities offered are different. With Android Auto, you’ll have more options. For example, you can ask for the system to start at the same time as your vehicle. You can also choose to display message previews on the screen. Unfortunately, these features are not present on Apple Carplay.

The Voice Assistant

As mentioned above, Android Audio and Apple Carplay integrate the Google Assistant and Siri voice assistants, respectively. It must be recognized that the latter are both effective, but Google Assistant is more practical when it comes to using foreign languages, for example. For example, you can speak to him in English and then immediately afterwards in French without having to go through any configuration. With Siri, it’s more complex. 


Do you want to choose between Android Auto and Apple Carplay? Both are indeed equally effective. This will largely depend on your preferences. If you are already used to using Android devices, you will definitely be more comfortable opting for Android Auto—the same thing for people who particularly like Apple products. The latter will logically move towards Apple Carplay.

But if you want to take advantage of as many applications as possible and personalize your dashboard, in this case, Android Auto is your best option. This has the advantage of being more flexible than Apple Carplay. On the other hand, if you prefer a very refined and intuitive interface, you can easily opt for Apple Carplay.

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