Workflow: What Is It And Different Types Of It?

Workflow: What Is It And Different Types Of It?

Workflow has today become a widely used means of optimizing productivity within organizations. It allows marketing teams and other employees to reorganize tasks and be more operational. You still need to learn what this concept is used for and how often you need it daily. Here is an overview of the workflow. You will have all the details on this concept, which is current in 360 marketing. 

Workflow: What Is It Specifically?

A workflow means in French, a workflow. Workflow-like, it evokes the different sequences by which a task is accomplished. The workflow, therefore, starts from the identification of functions until the end of their completion. In short, it is the technique chosen to complete a task. In business, workflows can boost your performance and generate an explosion in your online and in-store sales.

As you have just seen, workflows are an integral part of the lives of individuals and businesses. They have always been exploited instinctively. But with an increasingly digitized and automated world, they are taking up quite an important place. With a workflow, it is easy to optimize an administrative task list, set up efficient customer service, etc. Indeed, the high flow of incoming data requires the use of workflows.

What Are The Different Types Of Workflows To Know?

Several types of workflows can be helpful in successfully organizing tasks internally. So here are some you need to know to make your teams more effective. 

The Agile And Scrum Method

In many SMEs, agile marketing is a widely used working methodology. The elegant scrum workflow characterizes it. This is a working method which consists of:

  1. structure the significant works of a project into small, easily achievable tasks;
  2. spread out small, possible tasks over short time intervals of one to two weeks called sprints;
  3. put all task cards in a holding area called Backlog.

In practice, the agile and scrum workflow involves moving tasks from the Backlog to the current sprints box. This allows you to complete each task within the allotted time. As soon as a sprint is completed, the team records and reviews the results against the objectives. This makes it possible to exhaust all activities planned as part of a project and, above all, to have the deliverables as quickly as possible. 

The Task Transfer Workflow

The task transfer workflow is another method very commonly used in business. It is efficient and allows for fluidity in carrying out projects. This collaborative workflow involves transferring a work task after completing your part. In other words, when you have a project on which each member must intervene, you hand it over as soon as you complete your part. This type of workflow is helpful in assembly line work or website designs. You can use it in:

  1. proposing content for blogs and websites;
  2. website design and redesign;
  3. repair of instruments or other accessories.

The task transfer workflow is also very convenient, even for artistic or craft work. Several tools exist today to facilitate the implementation of this working method. The most crucial thing in this method is to ensure that your colleagues are at the same level of information.

The Incoming Request Workflow

The inbound request workflow is basically about tasks that need to be completed as they come in. This is the recommended method, for example, for order management in an e-commerce company. As customers make their requests, they arrive at a single interface. It is up to the person who manages the CRM data to dispatch according to the customer’s request.

Thus, a categorization is made, and the tasks are sent to the person who must carry them out. This sort of work process is helpful for:

  1. managing a company’s e-mailing;
  2. lead generation;
  3. customer data management;
  4. handle various requests coming from other departments of the company;
  5. order incoming tickets, etc.

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