What’s New On YouTube To Improve The Video Experience?

What’s New On YouTube To Improve The Video Experience?

YouTube continues to innovate to meet user needs. In 2023, the video platform has added exciting features. Everything has been designed to satisfy both content creators and consumers. Audio stabilization, optimized search, and locking are the new features on YouTube and their many advantages.

Improvements To The Viewing Experience

In 2023, YouTube revised its interface to offer a better experience to its 2.2 billion users. This is then equipped with practical features adapted to more immersive use. Like Instagram, YouTube had already modernized itself by integrating shorts (vertical videos) into its content. However, more is needed for the platform. A month earlier, Matthew Darby revealed the following new features on YouTube through the platform’s official blog. The director of product management thus told features that should be unanimous regarding the viewing experience.

Sound Stabilization 

One of the first new features on YouTube concerns sound stabilization on mobile devices. Advantage will take shape through a function called “Stable Volume”. This revolutionary feature aims to reduce volume variations within videos. It will thus guarantee more homogeneous and pleasant listening.

One-Click Acceleration

If you’re used to watching time-lapse videos, YouTube has you covered. A new shortcut, accessible on the web, tablets and mobiles, allows you to speed up reading with one click. Press and hold anywhere on the player to double the playback speed. A feature that significantly simplifies this type of viewing.

Screen Lock

How often have you had your smartphone in your pocket, listening to a YouTube video, only to be interrupted by accidental friction? To solve this problem, YouTube introduced a screen lock option on mobile phones and tablets. It will prevent any unwanted interruptions when your device is in motion.

What’s New On YouTube: Search And UI Improvements

The main new features on YouTube are search and interface improvements. This significant upgrade aims to optimize user experience. It makes the platform more intuitive and facilitates streaming. See for yourself!

The You Tab 

To make searching and managing content more intuitive, YouTube has introduced the “You Tab”. Merging the Library space and the account page, this tab centralizes:

  1. videos viewed;
  3. purchases;
  4. as well as account information.

This recent change simplifies navigation on the web, mobile devices, and tablets, which gives users easy, centralized access to their history and preferences.

Enlarged Thumbnails

When choosing a video, YouTube now offers enlarged preview thumbnails. This new feature allows users to browse the different elements of a video before launching it, thus improving precision in selecting the content they are looking for. These larger thumbnails allow for a more detailed overview, making choosing which videos to watch easier.

Music Search

A significant breakthrough for music lovers on YouTube is introducing a new voice search tool. It is, in fact, one of the best new features on YouTube. Artificial intelligence allows users to find a song by playing or humming it. Initially deployed on Android, this feature marks a significant turning point in the music experience on YouTube. It also promises to simplify the music search, giving users a new way to explore their music library.

What’s New On YouTube: Smart TV Details

Improvements are not limited to the screen of our smartphones. YouTube has completely modernized the experience on smart TVs over the past year. Smart TV users can now enjoy a new vertical menu that offers instant details about the video being viewed. This menu includes items such as:

  1. the description ;
  3. the subscribe button;
  4. and video chapters.

All this to allow you smoother navigation. These improvements are also rolling out to the web and mobile devices.

Other Promises For The Future

These updates will be gradually rolled out globally over the coming weeks. Furthermore, this series of new YouTube releases is just one step in its constant quest for improvement. The platform also expressed enthusiasm for continuing these efforts, incorporating modern design elements in other areas. There you go, now you know everything new. So, will they have a tangible impact on the video experience?

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