Chromebook Computers: What Are Advantages & Disadvantages?

Chromebook Computers: What Are Advantages & Disadvantages?

Today, when a person chooses a computer, they have several options. Among the possible choices are Chromebook computers! Are these machines interesting? What are their weak points? To find out if these computers suit you, find more details in this article!

What Do We Mean By A Chromebook Computer?

Before we go any further, let’s first look at the specifics of a Chromebook computer. First, it is a portable machine that uses Google’s operating system, namely ChromeOS. The latter offers cloud storage. Like other laptops, Chromebook computers have various models incorporating different processors and graphics cards. Each model also suggests different resolutions. The leading manufacturers of this type of computer are Acer, Samsung, HP, and Asus.

What Are The Strengths Of A Chromebook Computer?

Portability And Autonomy

In general, Chromebook computers are light compared to other laptops. Therefore, if you need a PC to work on while traveling, it is ideal as it is easy to transport. Plus, they can run longer because Chromebooks don’t have power-hungry hardware. Therefore, it is expected to find machines that can last a whole day on a single charge. Finally, they have batteries with exceptional lifespan. 

Storage Mainly In The Cloud

With a Chromebook computer, data and applications are stored in the cloud. For this purpose, you do not need a high-capacity hard drive on the computer. You can access the applications anytime through the Chrome browser, and your data is backed up automatically. And thanks to Google Drive, you will easily access your files.

A High Level Of Security

Compared to other laptops available on the market, be aware that viruses are more complicated to infect a Chromebook computer. For what reasons? First, applications run in their environment without the possibility of interacting with other applications. This security measure is known as a “sandbox.” Additionally, these apps undergo rigorous verification before uploading to the Chrome Web Store. The risk of viruses is relatively low.     

A Very Affordable Price

Another significant advantage of Chromebook computers is their price. They are more affordable than classic Mac or Windows PCs. For families and students, it is, above all, an economical choice. So, for less than 300 euros, finding a reliable machine that benefits from powerful features is entirely possible. Then, the cost of the software is also affordable compared to Mac OS and Windows software.

Automatic Updates

By choosing a Chromebook computer, you will not be forced to update it regularly. Note that Google is responsible for managing application updates. Furthermore, the operating system updates automatically. Despite their many advantages, Chromebook computers nevertheless have some disadvantages. It’s time to address the weak points of this type of laptop. Here they are :

What Are The Weak Points Of A Chromebook Computer?

A Machine That Is Not Suitable For All Types Of Users

Are you a demanding gamer, an artist, or a professional working in the multimedia sector? In this case, a Chromebook computer is not the best option! The main reason is that it needs to be more robust to perform complex tasks. You are starting with the machine’s internal storage, which is very limited. Most Chromebooks have a hard drive with at most 64 GB capacity. Many models have larger hard drives, but you must be prepared to put more money on the table to acquire them.

In short, Chromebook computers are only suitable for basic tasks like editing documents or web browsing. They are, therefore, perfect for businesses that often use services like Gmail or Google Docs, for example. On the other hand, when it comes to resource-intensive tasks, use something the same as these machines!

Unsatisfactory Offline Use

If you don’t need an internet connection, a Chromebook computer isn’t much use! Once offline, your machine’s capabilities are minimal. In the absence of internet access, the device’s functionality is reduced. In other words, the user of a Chromebook computer can only do with Google services because everything (or almost everything) is done online.

Incompatibility With Common Software

This is another significant weakness of Chromebook computers: unlike traditional laptops, they do not support much software. This incompatibility can be a hindrance for users. In the long run, this leads to some frustration.  

More Complicated Prints

If you want to make prints from your Chromebook computer, be careful because it may not be compatible with the printer used (especially if it is an older model). A specific driver may be required!

Limited RAM

With only 4 to 8 GB of RAM, your Chromebook will tend to slow down as soon as you ask it to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The same thing can also happen if you open multiple tabs.

A Display Resolution Is Only Sometimes At The Top

If you are used to high-quality images (4K, for example), you may be disappointed by opting for a Chromebook! Many machines do not benefit from Full HD or 4K screens. That’s not to say you won’t find Chromebooks with such screens, but they cost significantly more.

Few Customization Options

If we compare ChromeOS with other operating systems, the latter offers limited customization options. If you prefer a personalized experience, you will only be partially satisfied.

A Keyboard That Is Not Easy To Use

If you want to take a screenshot on a Chromebook or use caps lock, for example, you can’t do it with a single key press. You will have to make a key combination!   

No DVD Or CD Player

If you like watching movies or listening to music, most Chromebooks don’t have a DVD or CD drive. To conclude, you must consider your needs before choosing a Chromebook computer. If you are a student or a business manager looking for efficient equipment for your employees, this type of laptop is made for you! On the other hand, if you are a professional and need to use specific software, opting for a Windows PC is more judicious.

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