Gaming Headset: Top 6 Of The Best Models In 2024

Gaming Headset: Top 6 Of The Best Models In 2024

Having a superior presentation headset is fundamental for any gamer! Besides the fact that this adornment offers benefits as far as the gaming experience, it likewise permits gamers to focus 100 percent on their meetings. And this without upsetting individuals around. To assist you with picking, here are the six best gaming headsets existing apart from everything else!

Logitech Pro X 2 Lightspeed

This expert quality headset created by Logitech has all that you want to fulfill requesting gamers. Without a doubt, with its 50 mm graphene speakers, it conveys encompass sound with low mutilation. It is fit for offering a vivid encounter. You can try and distinguish the strides of your rivals, which is an unequivocal benefit! Furnished with a 6mm cardioid receiver, this extra likewise permits clear correspondence. 

Furthermore, you benefit from an elevated degree of solace thanks to a turning pivot as well as pivoting adaptable padding cushions. On the network side, Master X 2 Lightspeed offers various association choices: LIGHTSPEED remote, 3.5 mm link, Bluetooth, or even USB-A to USB-C link. This model integrates an elite presentation battery, which guarantees critical independence (as long as 50 hours). 

You will actually want to play unafraid of being intruded on in the center of the activity! With its aluminum and steel outline, this remote headset can endure concentrated use for a long time. At long last, the Star X 2 Lightspeed is viable with the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5.

Razer BlackShark V2

Would you like to perform well during your computer game games? Why not bet on the Razer BlackShark V2 X headset? The last option permits you to profit from quality encompassing sound (7.1) because of its 50mm Triforce speakers. It is feasible to change the various sounds (high pitch, mid, bass) exclusively. Furthermore, since the focus is fundamental, the player can rely on cutting-edge detached commotion, wiping out innovation. 

This wired model has extraordinary shut ear cups and delicate ear pads. To this end, you benefit from ideal sound protection! With the Razer BlackShark V2 X, collaborate with your colleagues. This extra, to be sure, incorporates a Cardioid mouthpiece, which repeats your voice definitively. The maker has additionally separated itself regarding solace! 

This headset weighs just 240 g, and that implies that it won’t annoy you by any stretch of the imagination, in any event, during long meetings. It likewise profits by further developing adaptable padding ear pads. Note that these cushions are shrouded in delicate fake cowhide and breathable texture.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X

If you are looking for an innovative gaming headset, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X can give you complete satisfaction! It is equipped with a professional parametric equalizer. The user, therefore, can personalize the sound experience completely. By choosing this wireless model, gamers will be entitled to 360° spatial sound. Your enemies are no longer likely to surprise you because no noise escapes you.

The Arctis Nova 7X allows the use of 2 audio streams. Thus, the gamer can communicate with his friends while playing. Do outside noises bother you? No worries, the AI-assisted microphone will eliminate them. In order to provide you with maximum comfort, this accessory is equipped with AirWeave memory foam cushions as well as adjustable earcups.

In addition, this model includes a battery that guarantees the player 38 hours of non-stop use. Do you want to get back to the game as soon as possible? Please note that with just 15 minutes of charging (via USB-C port), the Arctis Nova 7X is able to operate for 6 hours. Finally, it has multi-format compatibility (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac).

Corsair HS80

Circum-Auricular type, this wired headset from Corsair is a valuable ally for gamers. Due to its custom 50mm neodymium audio transducers, it ensures that sounds are captured down to the most minor details. Plus, it provides Dolby Audio 7.1 surround sound! Using Corsair iCUE software, the user can control their headset very precisely. Side sound control, audio equalizer, RGB lighting, preset audio profiles… we can say that the customization options are numerous.

Another strong point of the HS80: it includes an omnidirectional microphone, which is ideal for broadcasting. It manages to pick up the user’s voice with exceptional clarity. On this model, comfort is also there! Apart from its soft and adjustable headband, it has memory foam earpieces and a breathable microfiber fabric exterior. 

HyperX Cloud II

Nothing beats this wired headset designed by HypeX for gamers looking for an immersive experience! On-ear type, it is capable of producing virtual 7.1 Surround Sound. Please note that this model is optimized for the most demanding games! You will perceive sounds in surprising detail. 

The HyperX Cloud II has a lot of exciting features: echo cancellation, automatic gain control, noise cancellation… All this is made possible thanks to the presence of an advanced digital microphone. Team members can communicate very clearly. This headset also impresses with its ease of use via its advanced audio control box. If necessary, you can connect a mini stereo headphone jack (3.5 mm).

Concerning the comfort aspect, the headband of the HyperX Cloud II is equipped with memory foam pads. And as if that wasn’t enough, the interchangeable ear cups allow the selection of different acoustic profiles. You should know that this model is compatible with PCs as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 consoles. For your information, this helmet is relatively light since it weighs 275 g. 

JBL Quantum 400

When it comes to video games, poor sound quality can cause you to lose a game. This is not the case with the JBL Quantum 400! By using it, you can experience your session as if you were there! This accessory features Quantum SURROUND sound from JBL. With this model, the reproduced sound space is more significant. Thanks to the detachable boom microphone, you can always be focused, no matter the situation. 

Echoes and ambient noise will be significantly reduced. Therefore, you will be able to have all the concentration you need to win the game. To ensure gamer comfort, the JBL Quantum 400 features memory foam ear cushions. In addition, these receive a premium leather cover. As a result, you can use this headset for several hours without feeling it (or almost). 

Its weight is entirely acceptable! It can connect to other devices (PC, Mac, VR, Mobile) and consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch) via a 3.5mm jack. When you use it on a PC, it is capable of supporting RGB lighting effects. Black in color, the JBL Quantum 400 has a design that is both elegant and attractive.

How To Choose Your Gaming Headset?

Circum-Aural Or In-Ear?

Over-ear headphones cover the entire ear. This offers better immersion in the game because the player is not disturbed by external sounds. In terms of comfort, they know how to be forgotten because they are often light to wear. Be sure to find a model with an adjustable but also sturdy headband. The headphones should be chosen according to your head and ear shape. Round-on-ear headphones are preferred for small ears, while others will turn to oval-shaped headphones.

In-ear gaming headsets fit into the ear canal. The sound is reproduced as close as possible to the eardrum, but we can criticize them for this proximity. Wearing it for long hours can impact hearing. The player, especially if he turns the sound up to the maximum to completely get into his game, may show, after several months, the first signs of presbycusis. For online gaming, it is therefore advisable to opt for over-ear headphones.

Stereo Or Surround

Stereo sound evenly distributes sound to both ears. A big plus for this type of headset, it includes a 3.5mm jack connection. This connection is found in almost all games. Aside from video games, stereo headsets can be used to listen to music, which makes it a two-in-one accessory. We can criticize them for a lack of precision in the restitution of sounds. 

This may impact reaction time in some games. Surround sound, on the contrary, allows you to define the origin of the sound more precisely for a very lively reaction. This increases the feeling of realism during gaming sessions. But this type of technology, which integrates software and algorithms, can sometimes increase the bill when purchasing.

Wireless Or Wired?

Each gaming headset has its advantages and disadvantages. The wireless headset offers greater freedom of action. They are often more beautiful, aesthetically speaking. But you will always have to check the level of autonomy, which can spoil the pleasure of the game. Especially since it is not rare that, immersed in the action, you ignore this point until too late. The wired headset connects you to your computer or console.

It would help if you, ou therefore, found a headset with a cable of reasonable length. The latter can, over time, become damaged. So you have to be careful about it. Lighter, often, than their competitors because it needs to integrate the receiver, they can be forgotten.

Comfort And Sound Quality

As we have seen, it is the comfort of the headband but also of the headphones that should be one of your primary selection criteria. For the latter, be careful to choose headphones with a pleasant coating. The material is, therefore, essential. You will find three types of headsets for gaming. The must is the gaming headset incorporating memory foam. But this can represent a cost. 

Faux leather has better wear resistance than fabric, but it is less breathable, which can be vital if you play often and for a long time. For a gaming keyboard, we will focus on the typing quality; here it is the sound! For audio, you must, therefore, choose between stereo or surround sound. Know that dimensional sound will soon make a sensational entrance into the world of gaming. Surpassing surround sound still needs to be improved. 

You will, therefore, only be able to use it on your usual games for a while. Whichever headset you choose, the noise reduction function can be interesting, as can the mute function. This allows you to mute your microphone, to respond to those around you, or to make a phone call, for example.


It is possible to find gaming headsets at all prices, as with gaming keyboards or mice. The first price starts at around thirty euros. But you can also find helmets costing over 300 euros. Their design, the material the headphones are made of, and the sound technology are factors that explain this price difference.

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