Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs S23 Ultra

Among the tech giants, Samsung continues to produce more efficient smartphones than each other. The flagship of the S24 range, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, is another flagship product from the Korean brand. After a very successful S23 Ultra, this little gem promises to amaze you even more with features always at the cutting edge of new technology. Through a very close duel, let’s discover these two smartphones. Design, power, autonomy, photographic capacity, etc. Who has a lot under the hood?

Technical Characteristics Of The Two Smartphones

A brand acclaimed for the quality of its products, Samsung has everything to satisfy consumer needs, from practical and versatile smartphones to more high-end and elegant ones. Speaking of which, do you have a preference for the Galaxy S24 Ultra or the S23 Ultra? Or do you still need to decide which model to choose? A quick overview of the technical specifications of these two flagships.

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23 Ultra: An Identical Design

Samsung has been adopting a joint base for its Ultra range for years. A symmetrical design is directly inherited from a specific Galaxy Note. Suppose the Galaxy S23 Ultra was designed with recycled glass in the color of the polished metal frame. In that case, the S24 Ultra sports a new titanium exterior with durable protection integrated into the frame

Comparing the technical sheets, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is thinner and lighter than its predecessor: 233 g versus 234 g. Details that are completely unnoticed when handling. On the screen side, if the S24 Ultra has the best scratch resistance thanks to Corning Gorilla Armor 7 glass, the S23 Ultra is equipped with Corning Glass Victus 2. 

In terms of waterproofing, both smartphones are IP68 certified, offering optimal resistance to water and dust. To complete its exquisite appearance, they have the integrated Note signature tool S Pen, which is housed in the dedicated space near the USB-C port.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23: Bright Screens

As both are equipped with an AMOLED panel, there is no difference in their screen. However, looking closer, the S24 Ultra scores a point in terms of display quality. Thanks to its Gorilla Glass Armor 7 glass, mentioned above, reflections on the panel are drastically reduced, which is very appreciable for outdoor use. 

In addition, the S24 Ultra’s screen is much brighter than that of the S23 Ultra, with a peak of 2,300 nits compared to 1,800 nits on its predecessor. In terms of colourimetry, Samsung still promises saturation that flatters the retina in these two flagships. However, we found that the S24 Ultra’s screen is much better and currently the best on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs S23 Ultra: Well-Designed Interface And Features

In terms of interface and functionality, the Galaxy S24 Ultra gains a head start over the S23 Ultra. And for a good reason, it adopts Galaxy AI features, which allow it to translate calls in real-time, delete inappropriate elements from a photo and many more. Apart from that, if the S23 Ultra offers five years of Android updates, the S24 Ultra plans to go further by promising a 7-year update with security patches.

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23 Ultra: True Masterpieces In Terms Of Performance

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that the S23 Ultra carries is the most powerful processor on the market. In particular, it can power very demanding applications or games while offering good battery life. However, the Snapdragon 8 Ge 3 of the Galaxy S24 Ultra still has its say in impressing more than one person. It is 30% faster and offers 20% greater efficiency. In terms of internal memory, the two smartphones offer a storage capacity of up to 1 TB. 

On the other hand, if the s23 Ultra only has 8 GB of RAM, the S24 Ultra offers 12 GB across the entire range. For everyday use, these differences are only visible in multitasking mode. In terms of autonomy, the S24 Ultra is more durable than its predecessor, even if both are equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery.

Galaxy S24 Ultra vs S23 Ultra: Exceptional Photo Modules, As Always

The Korean brand has always been renowned for the quality of its photo modules. And here again, it equips its two flagships with the best sensors:

  1. A 200 MP primary camera.
  2. A 12 Mp Ultra wide-angle.
  3. A 10 Mp 3x zoom telephoto lens and another telephoto lens with 10 x digital zoom 50 Mp for the S24 Ultra and 10 Mp optical for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Suppose the S23 Ultra integrates advanced image processing features thanks to AI contributions. In that case, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra benefits from some exciting improvements, in particular AI generative photo editing similar to that of the Google Pixel. However, its strong point lies in the video.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs S23 Ultra: Which One To Choose?

Samsung’s two flagships are undeniably two compelling and engaging smartphones in all aspects. However, the S24 Ultra is better on paper compared to the S23 Ultra. Moreover, it offers seven years of updating compared to only five years for its predecessor. Basically, the S24 Ultra is the preferred choice if you are looking for a revolutionary, high-performance smartphone with excellent battery life, but above all, with very high-quality photo sensors.

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