How Do You Sponsor And Promote Reels On Instagram?

How Do You Sponsor And Promote Reels On Instagram?

Reels On Instagram: With more than 500 million accounts active every day, Instagram is a true Internet juggernaut. The company created in 2010 has established itself as a reference and reigns in online photo and video sharing. However, as Shakespeare said, “Worried is the head that wears a crown.” The emergence of new competitors like the social network TikTok is leading Instagram to diversify. 

This explains the launch of a new type of content, Reels, in 2020. This update, the most important since the appearance of Stories in 2016, reshuffles the cards for professionals. Indeed, in addition to the mechanics specific to this new content, you must learn how to sponsor it to make it profitable. Discover in this complete file how to sponsor and promote Reels on Instagram.

Why Rely On Reels As A Business Or Professional?

For a content creator on Instagram, every post counts. So, before learning how to sponsor and promote Reels on Instagram, you need to understand the benefits of this type of content.

What Is An Instagram Reel?

Reels are small interactive videos of 90 seconds maximum that we publish on Instagram. Very popular with Instagram users, these videos stand out from other content with great creative freedom. For example, you can integrate photos, text, stickers, or special effects into your images. 

Likewise, you can choose background music for your video, making Reels the perfect format for dance challenges. Reels have their news feed but are also in the search and explore tabs. They are easily accessible because Instagram highlights them. Even better, this accessibility is just one of the many benefits they offer to those who include them in their strategy.

What Are The Benefits Of Instagram Reels?

Including Instagram Reels in your communication strategy on the network offers a myriad of possibilities. Indeed, the latter benefits from several strong points compared to classic publications and stories. As we said earlier, Reels are accessible almost everywhere in the Instagram application. This means that even if users are not subscribed to you, they can easily view your Reel. This is a real blessing on a platform where user attention competes.

Likewise, Reel constitutes a type of content more adapted to the realities of our time. With their concept modeled on that of TikTok (teenagers’ favorite application), Reels speaks to a younger audience. Therefore, they are perfect if you want to diversify your audience. However, don’t think that Reels are only for young people. With their duration and dynamic content, Reels are also appreciated by a more active population segment. They allow you to get straight to the point, not to displease adults. Thus, your Reels can be viewed in transport, for example, where this is impossible for longer content.

Thanks to their qualities, Reels are suitable for many missions. A Reel is, for example, a perfect vector to present your products or the DNA of your company to a new audience. They can also raise awareness or create engagement among those who see them. Now that you know everything about the usefulness of Reels in a marketing strategy, it’s time to find out how to promote them better. This starts with a better understanding of Instagram’s recommendation engine.

Understanding The Recommendation Engine To Better Sponsor And Promote Your Reels On Instagram

For your Reels to succeed, how Instagram’s recommendation engines work should hold no secrets. Indeed, creating Reels is not enough to achieve your goals. They still need to stand out from the competition and be seen by many people. Instagram’s recommendation engine works using several algorithms. 

But the rule underlying their operation is quite simple: the more content you like, the more people will see it. The role of algorithms is determining which publications the public likes the most. For this, several factors come into play. The first is the number of engagements that the Reel generates. Thus, the more likes, shares, and comments a Reel generates, the more it will be highlighted by the recommendation engine.

Apart from the engagement generated by the Reel, your e-reputation also matters. It includes various factors, such as your number of subscribers and interactions with them. For example, if you often respond to comments from your subscribers (therefore engaging in discussion with them), your publications will be very successful.

Sponsor And Promote Reels On Instagram: Boost Your Publications

Paying to boost your Reels or sponsoring them is an effective method to increase their visibility. However, contrary to appearances, this method is not accessible to everyone. Indeed, there are several methods for sponsoring Reels and criteria determining eligible Reels.

Which Reels Can Be Sponsored?

To be eligible for sponsorship, a Reel must meet several conditions. So, if you want to boost a Reel, the latter must:

  1. Be published in 9:16 format (be filmed vertically and in full-screen format);
  2. Have a duration of less than 60 seconds;
  3. Do not contain copyrighted music.

Do not contain any GIF images, filters, or even shares from Facebook. Compliance with these conditions is quite simple. As for the music, you just need to use royalty-free audio tracks (relatively easily found on the Internet). Once these conditions have been published on your Reel, you can move on to sponsorship. You will have the choice between several methods.

How To Boost A Reel On Instagram?

You can use two methods to sponsor your Reels on Instagram: directly on Instagram and via the Facebook advertising manager.

Boost Your Reels In The Instagram Application

Boosting your Reels with the options present in the Instagram application is the simplest method. To use it, first, choose the publication you want to sponsor. Opt for a publication with a high interaction rate to maximize your chances of success. Once you have chosen, please find it in the grid on your profile and select the boost post option. 

To continue, you will need to define the audience you want to target. Again, two choices are available: automatic and personalized. The automatic option targets profiles similar to your subscribers, while the personalized option allows you to use more precise criteria (location, age, gender, etc.). Finally, all you have to do is determine the duration of your campaign and the budget you want to invest. 

The number of people your campaign reaches will increase depending on your investment. Finally, you will only have to validate a few settings and enter your payment information to be able to launch your campaign. Once validated, your Reel will be broadcast on the news feed and in the stories of your target population.

Boost Your Reels With The Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is the most comprehensive tool for sponsoring Reels on Instagram. It allows for better target refining and precise Sponsored Reel advertising location choice. You can, therefore, decide that your sponsored Reel only appears in the news feed of your targets to improve its visibility.

To create your campaign, go to the Ads Manager and click the “Create” button to get started. Select the “Interactions” objective to get new interactions on your Reel at the lowest price. Next, you must define your audience, desired ad placements, campaign duration, and budget. You can opt for a warm audience (people who already know you) or a cold audience (people who don’t know you).

Whichever method you choose, you must analyze the results of your advertising campaign. This way, by analyzing your results, you can improve the quality of your sponsorship campaigns over time. However, sponsoring your posts is one of many ways to improve their visibility.

Using Natural Referencing To Promote Reels On Instagram

Natural referencing refers to techniques and actions to optimize a site or web page on the Internet. It is often contrasted with paid referencing, also called sponsorship, which consists of paying to boost a page or a publication. In the context of Reels on Instagram, natural referencing is achieved by adopting small habits that please the algorithm. For example, you can:

  1. Publish your Reels regularly and at peak times on Instagram;
  2. Use relevant hashtags to target people interested in this type of content;
  3. Tag your location on your Reels to target users located in your geographic area;
  4. Surf the current trends to attract a large audience quickly.

All of these habits have one thing in common: they help to naturally attract an audience to your Reels who might be interested. But they are nothing without the alpha and omega of natural referencing: producing good-quality content. Indeed, nothing will ever beat producing content that appeals to the public to be highlighted by Instagram’s algorithms. For Reels, let your creativity shine to produce original content that will appeal to the audience.

It would help if you created a universe that suits you and will retain your audience. Show yourself to be funny, refreshing, natural, or informative, depending on the type of content you produce. If you represent a company, you can show behind the scenes how your items are made or a typical day for your employees.

What Are The Mistakes To Avoid When Sponsoring And Promoting Reels On Instagram?

Even with a perfect strategy, some things could be improved in the visibility of your Reels on Instagram. Good knowledge of these errors is necessary to avoid them.

The Overuse Of Reel Sponsorship

They must generate significant engagement to obtain good visibility for your publications (and, therefore, your Reels). This rule is valid both when your publications are released and in the long term. Excessive use of sponsorship on your Reels will propel them onto the feed of more and more users. 

If they do not react favorably in return, the algorithm will consider that your content does not appeal to Internet users. As a result, it will hide the relevant Reel and offer your future posts to fewer people. You can use sponsorship in a well-defined marketing strategy to boost your Reels at the right time. You will thus benefit from the positive effects of a sponsorship campaign without risking the backlash in your face.

Ask Your Friends And Acquaintances To Interact With Your Reels

When you start on Instagram and become more popular, you often ask your loved ones to interact with our content. With this strategy, fooling the algorithm and gaining more visibility is possible. However, like excessive advertising campaigns, this strategy presents risks in the long term. 

Indeed, your loved ones will agree to help you but often forget to do so despite their good intentions. The algorithm will interpret this drop in the interaction rate as a drop in the quality of your Reels and will relegate them to second place. It is preferable to patiently build a loyal community that will constitute a permanent interaction source for your Reels.

Sponsoring And Promoting Reels On Instagram: What To Remember?

In summary, to sponsor and promote Reels on Instagram, you can boost them or opt for natural referencing. These two methods are complementary and must coexist in your marketing strategy. It’s up to you to make your Instagram Reels the flagship of your strategy on the Meta platform. 

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