What Do You Think Of The iPhone XR?

What Do You Think Of The iPhone XR?

Apple has marketed the iPhone XR since September 2018, and it has remained one of the brand’s flagship products for a long time despite its age. Its excellent characteristics have long allowed it to compete with more recent smartphones. But is it still worth it in 2022?

iPhone XR Features

When it was released, the iPhone XR presented itself as something new at Apple, as an affordable option among the company’s smartphones. This is all the more true as it underwent a rapid price drop in 2020. It costs 589 euros without a subscription and can go down to 369 euros if you take one.

It is compatible with wireless charging and fast charging, and it supports Wi-Fi 5 and 4G+, which allows it to stay afloat in terms of connectivity. Also allows using 4G calls and Wi-Fi calls. According to Apple, its battery allows for 25 hours of call time, 15 hours of surfing the Internet, or more than 65 hours of listening to audio content. It has a Liquid Retina display, which offers a high-definition resolution of 1792×828 pixels. 

This is relatively low for a high-end smartphone but entirely within the norm for mid-range Android ones. It has protection described by Apple as “the most durable front glass ever designed for a smartphone.” The iPhone XR, although announced with iOS 12, now has iOS 14, thanks to regular updates to the Apple operating system. It has IP67 certification, fully protecting it against dust as well as against immersion in water less than a meter deep for thirty minutes.


Its design is very reminiscent of that of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. Like these two iPhones, it offers a borderless screen with a large notch for Apple Face ID facial recognition. The iPhone, Especially since successive updates of iOS, has made it possible to improve them further, making it possible to take generally successful photos. However, it only has one photo sensor.

The front camera of the iPhone XR is 7 megapixels and remains perfectly current. It allows you to make video calls and selfies with a quality unmatched by most smartphones, and it is compatible with Face ID, which will enable you to unlock the smartphone using facial recognition. 

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The iPhone XR

Although it is starting to get old, the iPhone XR still has many advantages:

  1. Despite its good characteristics and its low price, it is no longer the best on the market in terms of quality/price ratio. However, it is still relatively interesting from this point of view.
  2. Its performance remains quite honorable, and Apple’s policy regarding software updates and maintenance makes it a relevant choice.
  3. The quality of its photos and videos remains excellent.

The iPhone XR, nevertheless, has some flaws:

  1. It only has one photo sensor, which strongly distinguishes it from the models currently found on the market and makes it not very versatile for different types of photos.
  2. It’s 6.1 inches, which is a large size for a smartphone. But depending on how you use your smartphone, this defect can be seen as a quality.

He does not have an eSIM. You must, therefore, always insert a SIM card to be able to use it. Given its advantages and disadvantages, the iPhone XR remains a possibility for people wanting a large, powerful, and autonomous smartphone, but without having to pay the price of the most recent models. 

Is The iPhone XR Still Worth It In 2022?

It may be interesting to get an iPhone XR if the model you are using is an older Apple and you want to keep the iOS experience as well as the current design of Apple’s smartphones. If having a large screen suits you, you want to use Face ID, and you are okay with the camera’s lack of versatility.

On the other hand, the iPhone XR is not for you if you are looking for a smartphone with a high screen resolution and a camera that can adapt to any situation by offering a wide-angle lens, depth sensor, or optical zoom. You can also invest in newer models at a lower price, such as the 2020 iPhone SE, which has better battery management and a more efficient processor. And, finally, the iPhone XR is not for you if you want to leave iOS, obviously. 


Despite its many qualities, the iPhone XR is starting to show its age. Suppose it remains a relevant alternative in certain particular situations. In that case, it will almost never be the first choice due to the fact that many cheaper smartphones now have a more efficient technical sheet. If it could still hold up in 2021, four years have passed since its release: Unless you buy a refurbished one, it is now advisable to move towards a more recent smartphone.

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